Gambier Island
This tree is located on Gambier Island, just north of Vancouver on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. I did a commission piece of this tree for a friend - the area looks absolutely beautiful.... on my visit wish list!
On The Ledge
Spotted this lovely tree while walking on a cliff edge trail in Algonquin Park. It demonstrates the power of nature to find a way to live even in extreme situations...
O.S.A. Lake Big Island Sentry
Managed to get 4 days camping on this gem of a lake in Killarney Provincial Park- Ontario Society of Artists' Lake - spectacular natural beauty everywhere, especially in this tree on the island we were camping on - feeling blessed for sure!
Killarney Friend
This is one of my 'holy grail' trees' as it is extremely difficult to get to.... located on a small island on O.S.A. lake in Killarney Provincial Park - requires several hours of paddling, 3 portages and a rare park camping permit. Very lucky to have personally visited with this tree in the summer of 2017 - was worth the wait and effort - alone on a small island,simply beautiful.
No shortage of beautiful landscape (especially trees) on Lake Opeongo in Algonquin Park. We spent a few days camping and fishing at the North end and this huge beautiful pine was near our site - lush and healthy right near the water.
Resting Place
What we thought was a quiet island retreat on a sunny afternoon soon became swarmed with watercraft traffic. We hopped in our kayaks and found a quiet shore location to relax. This tree was overhanging the shoreline near Killbear Park on Georgian Bay- ideal spot to chill and sketch this beautiful senior pine!
GPS Coordinates:
N 45d / 20.829'
W 80d / 12.961'
We kayaked to an island on Georgian Bay for a rest, but instead I spotted this healthy pine and had to get my sketch pad out. The island was very close to the mouth of the Chikanishing River. No better way to spend a beautiful, sunny afternoon!
GPS Location:
N45d /59.391'
W81d / 24.618'
The unique shape of this pine attracted us while we were kayaking nearby. While I was sketching the tree, a rather large Eastern Fox snake slithered by me. On reporting the sighting, the Killbear Park Naturalist said it was most likely a tagged snake named 'Wapitei' known to frequent the area. It was a beautiful snake, but I prefer trees.
GPS Location:
N45d / 20.313'
W80d / 10.521'
Show me The Way
Paddling on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, we were trying to locate famous Canadian painter Tom Thompson's memorial cairn. This tree was on a small island, standing on a outcropping of rock. It seemed to be pointing the way to our destination.
Forever and By Your Side
These trees are anchored to the pink granite rock which slope in to the waters of Georgian Bay in Killbear Provincial Park. It seemed to me that the two trees', one flush with life, the other a skeleton who was once tall and proud, were destined to be together. The GPS location for this tree is: N45d / 20.744'
W80d/ 11.681'
Killarney Crack
When in Killarney Provincial Park, walking the trail to the highest point in the park is a must. This trail is affectionately known as 'the Crack' as passage to the top is through a great crevice splitting the mountain. At the top stands this lone pine, beautiful, forever enjoying a spectacular view of the entire park below.
GPS Location:
N46d / 3.68'
W81d / 20.898'
Killbear Embrace
This magnificent pine sits atop a granite hill overlooking Georgian Bay in Killbear Provincial Park. To me, it seems to be greeting visitors with wide open arms.
GPS Location:
N45d / 20.737'
W80d / 11.783'
Morningside Glory
I am constantly on the lookout for interesting trees in unusual locations. This particular pine is located just south of highway 401 on the east side of Morningside Road - it shows us that nature can provide us with beauty in any location if we allow it.
Winter Sky
This was one of my early pieces. Dangerous to make as the branches are very thin, but as you can see from the image it is truly hauntingly beautiful. I was on my way to pick up some carving stone near Enterprise Ontario and saw this on the side of the road - had to stop and enjoy the moment.
Sunday Morning Surprise
On the way one Sunday morning to play a game of hockey in Keene, ON I came across this tall and stately pine on the side of the road. Such an interesting form, I had to stop and take in the view and capture it - it became one of my first carvings.
Jumping Rock
Sculpted by constant winds, this hearty pine is anchored to the granite shore at Killbear Provincial Park. Near the popular cliff jumping area of the park, its' shape is classic Georgian Bay pine.
GPS Location:
N45d / 20.711'
W80d / 11.814'
My Better Half
Despite missing its' top half, this pine continued to grow and achieved a magnificent wing span near Fraserville, Ontario. My first sketching of this tree was several years ago, a recent visit sadly revealed it has since been taken down.
Charlotte and Clonsilla
This impressive tree is found where Clonsilla and Charlotte streets meet in Peterborough, Ontario. I "discovered" it one day in late fall, stripped bare of all leaves, revealing its' complex and beautiful structure.
GPS Location:
N44d / 18.037'
W78d /20.807'
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