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        Nick is from the Northern Ontario town of Kapuskasing. Much of his youth was spent outdoors surrounded by the never ending forests, beautiful lakes and rivers of the north. The allure to travel was strong and Nick left ‘Kap’ to study engineering at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, graduating in 1983. 

        Naturally intuitive, instinctively curious with a genetic bent to be inventive, Nick tried his hand at sketching and watercolour painting, taking courses at Georgian College in Barrie. Having a deep rooted urge to create and be artistically expressive, he took the opportunity to discover what the release of his creative energy would look like as his children grew older and took on more independent lives. A chance visit to an art gallery in Buckhorn Ontario with his life partner Wendy, in the summer of 2009, led him to a block of raw soapstone. From that instinctive purchase, Nick created his first carving and has since developed and refined what is believed to be a unique stone carving technique.


        All of the trees that Nick carves are modelled from actual trees that he is constantly scouting for. His subject matter stems from his love of lakes and forests, and his artistic passion is to discover, capture and share some of the mystery and wisdom held there through his creations.

        Having many life mantras which guide his words and actions, here is a brief outline of one of them….

“Life is a constant changing, learning and personal growing experience…  as long as we’re actively engaged in the process, we continue to grow and evolve as individuals.  I know we all have elements of creative, artistic energy in us, and from this we are constantly delivering our individual imprint on the people and things around us –

I believe my carvings come from, and deliver, positive earth energy connections.”

       Nick and his partner Wendy live in Peterborough Ontario.

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